Creative Loafing's Best of Atlanta 2017 KarbonStar Vitality

Westview in CL’s Best of Atlanta 2017

Westview (and other southwest neighborhoods in close proximity) won big in Creative Loafing’s 2017 “Best of Atlanta!

The Good Hair Shop was picked as Readers Picks “Best natural hair salon.”

Brick + Mortar, owned by Westview-resident David Kowalski, was picked as Critics Picks “Best store for antiques and estate-sale gems.”

KarbonStar Vitality was one of numerous restaurants mentioned in the Critics Picks for “Best ’hood for vegans.”

Bell Street Burritos, owned by Westview-residents Matt and Erica Hinton, was picked as Readers Pick “Best burritos.”

Gangstas to Growers, a program run by Westview’s Abiodun Henderson, was picked as the Critics Picks “Best food revolutionary.”

Pat Perdew MVP Creative Loafing

Creative Loafing Neighborhood Issue Picks Westview MVP

Some weeks ago Creative Loafing put out a call for residents to pick their neighborhood MVPs, and the winners have been announced! Westview residents nominated Pat Perdew as their 2015 MVP. Read Creative Loafing’s feature about ATL Neighborhood MVPs: 11 of Atlanta’s best neighbors according to you.

Why did Westview residents nominate Pat as their 2015 MVP? Pat, and her late husband John, who passed away in 2014, moved into the Westview community in 2011. It didn’t take them long to jump head first into the role of neighborhood grandparents and guardians to the nearby children. Rather than turning their heads they embraced the children whole heartedly by opening their home and giving them a safe place to stay. Thanks to their passion and compassion their legacy grew and the Westview Community Organization (WCO) officially added a Youth Committee. Thanks to Pat Perdew and fellow residents the WCO is now headed into its third year of hosting a growing STEAM camp.

Pat – On behalf of Westview, THANK YOU for continuing to contribute such a valuable asset to our community!

Creative Loafing Box at Big Apple Inn

Creative Loafing Box in Westview

Thanks to The Big Apple Inn you can now pick up the latest paper issue of Creative Loafing Atlanta at the corner of Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. and East Ontario Ave. This is very exciting considering southwest Atlanta is somewhat underrepresented in Creative Loafing’s circulation list. And what better way for The Big Apple Inn to ensure readers are aware of the consistent press they receive! Thank you April for getting Creative Loafing to Westview.

BeltLine Westside Trail at Lucile Avenue

Westside BeltLine Trail Land Acquisition

Last week Creative Loafing wrote an article about Invest Atlanta, the City of Atlanta’s economic development arm, voting to purchase the Westside Trail land from the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) for $1.64 million. The Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail comprises of former railroad land that goes from Washington Park to Adair Park (including Westview!). The board’s vote to acquire the land puts the $43 million Atlanta BeltLine trail project one step closer to starting construction in the fall of 2014.

The Westside Trail is not to be confused with the existing West End/Westview spur trail going from the Westview Cemetery to Rose Circle Park, which was a project spearheaded in cooperation with the PATH Foundation. The new Westside Trail will be located inside the former train corridor and will include construction of a flat cemented path, lighting and surveillance cameras for security, benches for resting, and landscaping.

Exciting big development for Westview in 2014!

Read the Creative Loafing article: City agrees to purchase old State Farmers Market, southwest Beltline trail land from GDOT

Learn more about the Atlanta BeltLine:

Atlanta Beltline's Southwest Trail

Best Urban Hike: Atlanta Beltline’s Southwest Trail

Southwest Atlanta is back in the news again thanks to the Atlanta BeltLine. Creative Loafing’s staff has picked the Atlanta BeltLine Southwest Trail as the “Best urban hike: Atlanta Beltline’s Southwest Trail” for their 2013 “Best of Atlanta” selection. Thank you Creative Loafing for putting Westview and southwest Atlanta in the spotlight with this award!

Read the Creative Loafing article Best urban hike: Atlanta Beltline’s Southwest Trail.

“Go West” Publicity

Westview’s collaboration with West End for the “Go West” holiday celebration is drawing great press for the neighborhoods! Read some of the articles:

Don’t know all the details? Check out the “Go West” page to read about times and locations!