Slutty Vegan Grand Opening

Slutty Vegan Grand Opening

The Slutty Vegan food truck has taken the city by storm since its inception in August 2018, causing 4-5 hour lines and celebrities from near and far to flock to the vegan-based burger joint. Now the popular food truck has expanded to a brick-and-mortar location right in the middle of the Westview commercial corridor.

The grand opening was held on January 13, 2019 and created quite the buzz with closed off streets and lines down the block past Westview Corner Grocery. The restaurant reported serving 1,200 people before having an off-duty police officer turn away people from the line four hours before the intended closing time.

While it may be a while before neighbors will have the opportunity to become “#Sluttified” (many have proclaimed waiting until the crowds clear out), the Slutty Vegan is an exciting and welcome addition to the neighborhood food scene.

Westview Corner Grocery

Walkable Neighborhood Market

It has been just over two months that one of Westview’s newest businesses opened its doors to residents and visitors – Westview Corner Grocery. In its most recent tenure, the space at 1562 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd had been converted to a convenience store in 2009, but had served as one of the neighborhood’s grocery stores dating back to the building’s construction 1949 when it initially housed a Kroger. Over the years different grocery stores, such as Food Town, Thrift Town, White’s, and Denny’s Super Save, called the location home, until Westview residents and entrepreneurs, Patrick Berry and Steffi Langer-Berry, revived the grocery store model in April 2018. The store now offers a range of products from natural, organic and local specialties, craft beer, and wine, to conventional snacks and beverages.

Read Atlanta Magazine’s recent coverage of the new store: Westview Corner Grocery brings back the walkable, neighborhood market residents missed

Westview on Cover Page of Atlanta Magazine

Westview on Cover Page of Atlanta Magazine

Westview had the honor of gracing the cover of Atlanta Magazine’s February issue. The cover story is about hot neighborhoods that are walkable and affordable.

Take a look for yourself: Where to Live Now in Atlanta 2018: Westview.

Westview Corner Grocery

Economic Development in Westview

Exciting progress is continuing to develop in Westview. Westview Corner Grocery is expected to open soon in the Westview Village at 1562 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. The store, which is being opened by Westview residents, will feature natural and organic foods, produce, craft beer and wine, grab-and-go foods, and standard convenient food items.

Down the street at the intersection of Ralph David Abernathy Blvd and Cascade Avenue a restaurant is scheduled to start construction in the historic fire station building across from the Atlanta BeltLine’s Westside Trail. Breakfast Everyday, or “B.E.D.,” will feature breakfast foods, accompanied by espressos, lattes, and a range of alcoholic beverages.

Just next door to the soon-to-be Breakfast Everyday restaurant is the recently opened Clutch Bicycle Shop, an exciting addition for both biker’s given its location adjacent to the Atlanta BeltLine trail.

Westview Snow Sceneries

Snow Sceneries

Nothing makes a landscape look romantic, beautiful, and idyllic like a fresh snow dusting. And since we get so little of it in Atlanta we wanted to capture some of those neighborhood sceneries before they melted. Enjoy this edition of Westview snow sceneries!