Stokes Pocket Park Work Day

Joining the Westview Community Organization

Thank you for your interest in the Westview Community Organization (WCO). Your membership in the WCO helps sponsor multiple community efforts including:

Your WCO board and neighbors are actively involved in maintaining the neighborhood garden, sponsoring clean up days, representing the neighborhood at NPU-T meetings, and having a voice at city hall. Your membership helps support these activities and more!

Westview Community Organization members can pay annual dues in person (cash or check) at meetings or online via PayPal. The annual fee per household is $20.00.

Westview T-Shirt

Westview Swag

T-shirts: Westview youth t-shirts, sizes 2-16, are available for purchase for $5.
Mugs: Westview coffee mugs are available for $10.
Stickers: Oval Westview stickers are available for $2.

If you are interested in purchasing Westview items please email us at or attend the next Westview Community Organization meeting.