Spring Clean-Up

Spring Clean-Up Photos

Neighbors came together on Saturday, April 30th to clean up the community. The clean-up was additionally scheduled prior to the following weekend’s Westview Open House.

The Westview Community Organization would like to thank Councilman C.T. Martin for sponsoring the dumpster for the clean-up.

To view more photos from the 2011 Spring Clean-up please visit the Westview Facebook page.

Police Beat Rezoning

The Atlanta Police Department is undergoing a beat redistricting. The changes are anticipated to take affect the summer of 2011. Part of the changes will include three new police cars and 15 new officers for Zone 4 (Westview’s police zone).

The majority of Westview is in Beat 402, with only a small slither between the BeltLine corridor and Langhorn Street belonging to Beat 401. Currently, Beat 402 is at 97% of an acceptable average workload (below average), and Beat 401 is at 117% of an acceptable average workload (above average). After the Beat changes take affect Beat 402 is anticipated to be at 69% of an acceptable average workload, and Beat 401 is anticipated to be at 108% of an acceptable average workload.

To read more information about the police redistricting download the APD’s Word document.

Deal$ Opening

Marshalls and Deal$

The past week proved well for economic development in the Westview area – on March 31st Marshalls opened up in the Kroger CitiCenter shopping complex, and Deal$ filled a vacant space at the corner of Cascade Avenue and Westwood Avenue with a grand opening of April 1st.

To view more photos please visit our Westview Facebook page.