Trees Atlanta & HouseProud

Trees Atlanta and HouseProud Work Day

Saturday, October 27th, 2012 was a busy day for the Westview community. Both Trees Atlanta and HouseProud were in the neighborhood doing work.

Trees Atlanta got big help thanks to the fourth grade class (and their parents) from the Westminster School. Trees were planted along the landscape strip on Stokes Avenue and additional trees were planted in the front yard of houses on East Ontario Avenue.

In the meanwhile HouseProud and its volunteers were busy painting a house next to the Stokes Avenue Pocket Park. The owner, Ms. Pippy, was ecstatic about the work and even picked up the brush to do a little work.

To view more photos of the Trees Atlanta and HouseProud work day please visit our Westview Facebook page.

WCO Events

Special Request – Neighbors to Support a Local Classroom
Coordinator: Ayana Gabriel
The Westview Community Organization has adopted a local classroom, Ms. Hunter’s 6th grade class, at KIPP STRIVE Academy. This is a perfect opportunity to spend time with children in the neighborhood. We are looking for neighbors who can spend as little as 30 minutes speaking to the class about how you use reading in your everyday life. We also need neighbors who are willing to help organize classroom books. This is a GREAT activity for retired neighbors, so if you know any please mention it to them!

Special Request – Help Paint Elderly Neighbor’s Homes
Coordinator: Ayana Gabriel
The local non-profit, House Proud, spends time fixing up the homes of elderly neighbors in need. Our local representative, Jonathan Kidwell, has asked if there are any neighbors who can help paint on higher parts of a local neighbor’s home. “Higher parts” are areas that require a person to be comfortable with a 24′ ladder. So if you aren’t scared of heights and have some time, let us know!

Economy Forces Americans to Rediscover Community

One of Westview’s neighbors, Leslie Gage, has been featured in the CNN article “Shaky economy forces Americans to rediscover community”. Although the circumstances were not ideal, Leslie found good use of her spare time after being laid off from her job: To help neighbors in the community through Tool Bank’s HouseProud project!

Read “Shaky economy forces Americans to rediscover community” and find out more information about how HouseProud is active in Westview.