Cookie Swap and Tree Lighting

The Great West End Holiday Cookie Swap and Tree Lighting Photos

West End residents had the idea to host the Great West End Holiday Cookie Swap and Tree Lighting in a public park; however, due to lengthy permitting requirements neighbors had to improvise. The solution: place the tree on private property! And so the new Coffee House at historic Fire Station 17 in Westview came to the rescue by hosting the event. A fundraiser was held to collect the money for a tree and decorations. Donation overages were split up with 30% going towards People of the Way Community Coffee House, 35% going towards supporting local families in need, and 35% going towards future community events.

The rules for the cookie swap were: bring 36 or more cookies, eat cookies, brag about your cookies, pack a variety of cookies to take home…and then kick off the holiday season with the lighting of the Christmas tree and caroling. While we’re afraid to calculate the number of calories that were consumed that evening we would like you to enjoy the photos of the evening’s events.

To see photos of the Great West End Holiday Cookie Swap and Tree Lighting view the photo gallery below (click “continue reading”) or visit the Westview Facebook page.

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The Great West End Holiday Cookie Swap and Tree Lighting 2015

You are invited to the inaugural Great West End Holiday Cookie Swap and Tree Lighting.

– Make at minimum three dozen homemade cookies.
– Do you make the best chocolate chip cookie in the world? Are your 5 layer goodie bars out of this world? Have a secret family recipe? Do you have a unique bacon flavored holiday sweet? Make it! Bring at least three dozen! It is more fun if you make something homemade vs. store bought…but if that is your best option, go for it (we will only judge a little bit).
– Bring an EMPTY cookie tin.
– Come to the event.
– Brag about your cookies.
– Sample all the cookies.
– Fill up your tin with a variety of cookies.
– Vote on who brought the best cookie.
– Help clean up .
– Go home.
– Have a nice variety of cookies and treats for your house as friend and family visit during the holiday season.

Tree Lighting:
We will be raising funds for the purchase of a tree, lights and decorations as well as money to help families in need this holiday season in the local community.

There are different donation tiers that reward donors different ornaments to place on the West End Tree the night of the event. Please take a look here for information on the donations:

Historic Fire Station 17

Coffee House at Historic Fire Station 17

Historic Fire Station 17 at the corner of Ralph David Abernathy Blvd and Cascade Avenue will soon house a West End neighbor-run coffee house. Please see the information directly from them:

People of the Way of Jesus will offer a COFFEE HOUSE as a community service. We are renting the old Firehouse #17 at 1384 Ralph David Abernathy, and will offer coffee (bold, medium and DCaf), tea, some wrapped pastries and WiFi on a DONATION basis.

At the present time, we will be open to the public on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm to 9pm, so you can stop in for that quick cup on your way home, on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm for that relaxing weekend wakeup carefully and slowly cup and on Sundays from 9am to Noon for that “easy like Sunday morning” cup with your paper.

Our People of the Way Worship will still be held at 3pm on Sundays there, with our Agape Meal.

We also plan to offer FIRST FRIDAYS from 7 to 9pm, with Movie Nights, Spoken Word nights, live local musician nights and other activities.

We will not serve food, but you can pick some up and bring it in to enjoy (We recommend D’s Café down the street, Q Time, Soul Vegetarian, Bakari Pizza and other locally owned restaurants). We will not offer “to go” cups, but will be glad to fill your travel mug for you. It is all on a donation basis, and your donations will provide the rent, utilities, insurance, HVAC costs, WiFi and supplies to keep this going. We will not make profit on this, but will invest all donations into it, and expand it as those donations dictate ability to do so. It will be a community effort.

We will have our GRAND OPENING on Saturday, October 24th from 9am to 3pm, with a dedication ceremony at 11am. Rev. Jacqui and Pastor Jamie open our hearts and this coffee house to you!

If you have comfy chairs, area rugs, bookshelves or children’s chairs and tables, or children’s books you would like to donate toward this community service, or anyone who has a PowerPoint projector on which to show movies, that we can BORROW periodically… please contact Jamie at 404-353-0387.

Westview Community Garden Fundraiser

Westview Community Garden Fundraiser, Art Auction and Dance Party

On Saturday, August 22 the Westview Community Organization hosted a fundraising party at Historic Fire Station #17 for the South Gordon Community Garden. As part of the fundraising efforts attendees were asked to donate a minimum of $50 for entry, which would include food and beverages, live DJ entertainment, and a silent auction.

Between the fundraising party and prior fundraising efforts via the GoFundMe campaign about 43% of the $10,000 goal has been reached.

Westview Community Garden Fundraiser, Art Auction and Dance Party

Fundraiser at Fire StationThe Westview Community Organization is holding a fundraiser to help raise money to pay for the recent purchase of the Westview Community Garden on South Gordon Street. A group of generous neighbors offered the community organization a loan to purchase the land. The sale is complete, so now we need to pay back the loan!

The fundraising event will feature a night of fun, including food, drinks, DJs and a silent art auction.

Our sponsors for the event are:

Sponsorship opportunities are available for your business starting with a $250 donation. Please contact us for more info.


Artwork, gift certificates, and more.


Gift Certificates and Products

The silent art auction will end at 11:00pm. Please have your cards/checks/cash ready.

The following food and beverages will be available as part of your entry fee:

  • Beef brisket by Char Wars
  • Grilled chicken by Scott Smith
  • Butternut squash soup, couscous with greens and herbs, and kale salad by Teena/Mystic Roots*
  • Salad and blackberry apple cobbler by Westview Pizza Cafe
  • Iced honey lavender tea and shiso mint tea by Andrea “LeLovebird”*
  • Sweetwater 420
  • Wine
  • Coca-Cola
  • Water

*Harvested from HABESHA’s gardens at the Dubar Center and Omenala Griot Museum.
Food and drinks will be available until supply runs out.

Minimum donation for entry is $50/person, and the fee includes music, food, and drinks, but please consider giving more! Please make your donation in advance to our GoFund me campaign and bring a print out of the receipt for the donation to gain entry.

If you can’t attend we’d still appreciate a donation to our GoFundMe campaign:

Please read more about the community garden on our website:

And in Creative Loafing: