Westview Community Garden

Compost for Westview Community Garden

The Westview Community Organization’s Garden Committee is rolling out a neighborhood-wide composting program in Westview. Here’s a list of compostable items that you can drop off:

  1. Fruit and vegetable peels
  2. Citrus rinds
  3. Melon rinds
  4. Coffee grounds
  5. Tea leaves/tea bags
  6. Old vegetables from the crisper
  7. Houseplant trimmings
  8. Weeds that haven’t gone to seed
  9. Grass clippings
  10. Fresh leaves
  11. Deadheads from flowers
  12. Dead plants (as long as they aren’t diseased)
  13. Seaweed
  14. Cooked plain rice
  15. Cooked plain pasta
  16. Stale bread
  17. Corn husks
  18. Corn cobs
  19. Broccoli stalks
  20. Sod that you’ve removed to make new garden beds
  21. Thinnings from the vegetable garden
  22. Spent bulbs that you used for forcing indoors
  23. Holiday greenery (from wreaths and swags, for example — just be sure to cut the stems off of the wreath form or wires first)
  24. Old, less flavorful packaged herbs and spices
  25. Egg shells
  26. Shredded newspaper
  27. Shredded office paper/school papers
  28. Shredded, non-glossy junk mail
  29. Torn up plain corrugated cardboard boxes (not with glossy coatings)
  30. Straw
  31. Bedding from hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits
  32. Fall leaves
  33. Chopped up twigs and small branches
  34. Pine cones
  35. Nut shells (avoid walnut shells as they can inhibit plant growth)
  36. Excelsior
  37. Raffia
  38. Used napkins
  39. Toilet paper, paper towel, or wrapping paper tubes (cardboard)
  40. Fallen bird’s nests
  41. Pine needles/pine straw
  42. Paper coffee filters (used)
  43. Pressed paper egg cartons, torn into small pieces
  44. Sawdust (only from untreated wood)
  45. Brown paper shopping bags, shredded/torn
  46. Brown paper lunch bags, shredded/torn
  47. Leftover peat or coir from seed starting
  48. Coir liners for hanging baskets
  49. Wood chips
  50. Bedding from chickens

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