Westview Centennial Celebration

Westview Centennial CelebrationDate:
Saturday, June 26th

1444 Lucile Ave SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

9:30am – 10:30am: Atlanta BeltLine 5K
10:30am – 11:00am: Ribbon-cutting
11:00am – 11:30am: Ceremonies
11:30am – 4:00pm: Grill-off, music, games, and artist/vendor market

The Westview neighborhood is excited to be celebrating its centennial!

100 years ago William J. Davis purchased the Westwood Park property from the Ontario Land Company for $100,000. He renamed the property “West End Park”, and hired Solon Zachery Ruff, the civil engineer and landscape expert responsible for Ansley Park, to lay out the plans for his new residence park neighborhood. The lots were auctioned off, and neighbors built beautiful Craftsman bungalows along the wide streets.

Today Westview is a vibrant (and still affordable) in-town neighborhood only five minutes from downtown and seven minutes from Midtown! Come spend a day with us and get to know one of Atlanta’s last hidden gems.

The Atlanta BeltLine is sponsoring a free 5K run/walk in conjunction with the grand opening of phase two of the Westview/West End Trail. Immediately following the 5k will be a neighborhood celebration, featuring a grill-off, music, games, and an artist market!

Things to Bring:
Picnic blankets, camping chairs, an appetite, $5 for the grill-off, sunscreen, cold water, smiles.

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Westview Master Planning Workshop

Master Planning Workshop

The Westview Community Organization’s Development Committee has been working on a big project for about a year – a master plan for the neighborhood. Neighborhood plans are developed to determine the physical, social, and economic growth and development needs of a neighborhood and help the city allocate money for improvements. As many parts of the city already have plans, Westview neighbors determined it was time to follow suit. The plan the Westview Community Organization puts together will ultimately be brought in front of City Council with the goal of getting adopted into Atlanta’s Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP).

One step required to have the plan officially recognized by the City of Atlanta is to have a public master planning session. Approximately 1,400 postcards were sent out to property owners in the weeks leading up to the May 15, 2010 master planning session to inform them of the upcoming event. A lot of planning was required leading up to the public event. Members of the Development Committee surveyed every street of the neighborhood, noting the conditions of streets, sidewalks, houses, and locations of street signs, telephone poles, trees, and other important aspects required to establish a thorough plan of the neighborhood. This would create the foundation required for the public input.

On the morning of May 15th residents were encouraged to participate in a walk through the neighborhood to re-familiarize themselves with the different areas of the community. At noon the official meeting started with a presentation about the neighborhood. Residents then split into three different planning groups – commercial, BeltLine and greenspaces, and walkability and connectivity.

Following the master planning session the Development Committee will compile the collected information and input to further develop the plan for Westview’s future.

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“Go West” Photography

Photography from the December 12th “Go West” celebration.

“Go West” Publicity

Westview’s collaboration with West End for the “Go West” holiday celebration is drawing great press for the neighborhoods! Read some of the articles:

Don’t know all the details? Check out the “Go West” page to read about times and locations!

Fall Clean-Up/Beautification

The weather is turning cold, the leaves are changing colors, and it is time for Westview’s next neighborhood event!

On November 7, we will be having the first of four neighborhood clean-up and beautification days. I am so excited to announce that we will be hosting this clean-up in conjunction with KIPP STRIVE Academy, the new charter school located in the J.C. Harris building on Lucile Ave. This will be KIPP STRIVE’s first Saturday community service day with approximately 95 students and 20 adults participating! After the clean-up, we will be having a lunch for all participants.

As in the past, we need neighbors to come together to make this day a success. There are a variety of ways you can help. Please check out our “How You Can Help” list below, and contact me by next Monday (October 19th) to let me know your interest.

Ayana 404-345-3209

How You Can Help

1) Street Captains – We are focusing on quadrant 1 of westview which includes all streets below. We need at least one volunteer from each street to make a list of all work you would like to happen on the day of the clean-up. For example, your street may have a vacant house whose lawn needs to be trimmed, or a dumping area where tires need to be picked up. You will be responsible for collecting that information, and helping to get neighbors on your street to participate in the clean-up. Thanks for those neighbors who have already volunteered!

Lucile – ?
Muse – ?
Altoona – Mr. Gambrell
Matthewson – ?
Inman – ?
Enota Place – ?
Sells Ave – ?
Wellington – Shawnika and Kel
Laurel – ?

2) Phone Tree – Many of our neighboors are not on email. We need 2-3 neighboors who can be responsible for calling these neighboors so they may stay informed of this event.

3) Volunteers – Since KIPP STRIVE will be providing ~ 120 volunteers, we need to have as many neighbors helping as possible! We need persons who can haul heavy trash in pick-ups, volunteer to mow lawns of vacant homes, and of course, people to pick up trash. We also need people who can help setup and serve food at the lunch.

Ontario Park Cookout

Ontario Park Cookout Photos

Westview neighbors got together to hold the second annual Ontario Park Cookout this past Saturday. Burgers, hot dogs and chickens were cooking on the grill, drinks in ice tubs provided refreshment, old Oaks trees provided shade during the swelling summer heat, and our beautiful neighborhood provided the backdrop. The Westview Community Organization made up the backbone of the event with support from police to close off the roads, the fire stations for providing seating, local politicians, candidates, and neighbors donations to provide the food and drink. The cookout provided a great opportunity for residents to meet other neighbors, or to mingle with existing friends. Children were enjoying chalk drawing on the street, water balloons games, and jump rope. There was even a glimpse of the occasional hard working new homeowner breaking away from renovation work to enjoy the community gathering.

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Ontario Park BBQ Ontario Park BBQ Ontario Park BBQ Ontario Park BBQ Ontario Park BBQ Ontario Park BBQ Ontario Park BBQ Ontario Park BBQ Ontario Park BBQ Ontario Park BBQ

Economy Forces Americans to Rediscover Community

One of Westview’s neighbors, Leslie Gage, has been featured in the CNN article “Shaky economy forces Americans to rediscover community”. Although the circumstances were not ideal, Leslie found good use of her spare time after being laid off from her job: To help neighbors in the community through Tool Bank’s HouseProud project!

Read “Shaky economy forces Americans to rediscover community” and find out more information about how HouseProud is active in Westview.