Go West Celebration

Go West Celebration
Go West” this holiday season! Westview and West End have teamed up to bring you a day of celebration and activities on Saturday, December 12th.

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Community Sponsored Dinner

It has become a tradition for the Westview Community Organization, surrounding neighborhood organizations, and NPU-T to sponsor a Thanksgiving Dinner for the seniors at the John O’Chiles senior homes over the years. The homes closed for renovation and have now re-opened as the Atrium-Veranda. The communities have once again come together to provide over 200 seniors with a meal the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Children from the Spelman College Nursery came by to sing to the seniors.

BeltLine Art

BeltLine Art

Over the summer pieces of artwork randomly appeared at BeltLine/street crossings. The work was done through Reynoldstown-based art organization WonderRoots. Read an article about the art on the AJC. Here is a photo take at the Ralph David Abernathy Blvd and Muse Street intersection, which intersect with the BeltLine.

2009 Fall Clean-Up

Fall Clean-Up Photos

This Saturday the Westview Community Organization partnered up with KIPP STRIVE Academy to clean and beautify quadrant one of Westview – Lucile Avenue, Enota Place, Altoona Place, Mathewson Place, Inman Street, and Wellington Street. One of the main battles of the community are vacant overgrown houses owned by banks or negligent investors. The properties become unsightly and attract illegal dumping. In an effort to beautify the neighborhood and show that this activity is not acceptable in Westview neighbors and students cleaned up trash, hauled away furniture, mowed lawns, and trimmed landscape strips. As a reward for all the hard work lunch was provided by Church’s Chicken. Westview would also like to thank neighbors from West End that came to out to help.

Additional photos can be viewed at Westview’s Facebook group.

November 7th Clean-Up

Hi friends and neighbors,

We are fast approaching our fall clean-up in Westview. This clean-up has become a full scale community effort with Westview Community Organization, WEND Beautification Committee, West End Coalition, and KIPP STRIVE Academy all working to organize this event! Thank you to everyone who has helped thus far. So with so many individuals from outside our neighborhood helping to clean-up our streets, we have to be sure to show up Saturday to help out!

Here is how and when to help:

When: November 7, 9:00am – 12:00pm
Where: KIPP STRIVE Academy, 1444 Lucile Avenue

How to Help:

  • Donate bottles of water for lunch afterwards – really needed!
  • Volunteer to cut a lawn of a vacant house – really needed!
  • Drive a pick-up truck (for heavy trash) – really needed!
  • Bring rakes, dust pans, and leaf bags – really needed!
  • Tell your neighbors (print flyer)
  • Bring heavy duty gloves
  • Bring clippers to trim lawns of vacant houses
  • Donate trash bags and/or gloves
  • Help setup lunch at the school; no clean-up required :-)

Streets as part of this clean-up:

  • Lucile
  • Muse
  • Altoona
  • Mathewson
  • Inman
  • Enota
  • Sells
  • Greenwhich
  • Wellington

Thanks, and see you Saturday!
Ayana – agabriel1908@yahoo.com
Westview Community Organization Events Chair