Tree Pruning 101

Pruning is one of the most misunderstood elements of tree care. Trees Atlanta will teach you to prune better than most landscapers out there. Sign up for our Westview Pruning 101 class for an introductory lesson on the best way to structure and train a tree’s growth. Once you become an expert pruner, you will cringe every time you see “crape murder.”

This class is required to volunteer to prune trees with Trees Atlanta and it’s a prerequisite for the 102 & 103 classes that will be taught later in the season.

Please meet up at 495 West Ontario Avenue at 9:00am.

Trees for Westview

Despite weather in the low 40s and an uncomfortable drizzle Trees Atlanta, along with their volunteers and Westview neighbors, planted 40 new trees in the neighborhood. Due to the recent sidewalk and street work along East and West Ontario a few of the large trees were removed. The City of Atlanta’s ordinance requires any removed trees to be replaced with an equal number of inches. In place of the old trees American Elms, Winged Elms, Sioux Crepe Myrtles, and Magnolias were planted along West Ontario and Stokes.

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Trees Atlanta 2009 Trees Atlanta 2009

Sidewalk and Road Improvements

Sidewalk and roadway improvements continue in Westview. The project was initiated by the Westview Development Committee and has been funded through the Quality of Life bond thanks to the help of Councilmember CT Martin.

East Ontario’s sidewalks are nearly complete and work has begun on West Ontario. West Ontario will have a widened sidewalk on the western side of the street, which will preserve the large old trees and assist in traffic calming. Additionally East Ontario and some parts of Ontario and Willard have been repaved.

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East Ontario Ave Improvements East Ontario Ave Improvements

East and West Ontario Sidewalk Improvements

The City of Atlanta Department of Public Works continues to implement community improvement projects throughout the City as part of the $150M Quality of Life Bond Program!

Early June 2008, we will begin sidewalk construction activities, including the installation of ADA ramps and driveway aprons at the following areas:

Council District 10, NPU-T:

  • East Ontario from R.D. Abernathy to West Ontario
  • West Ontario from East Ontario north to R.D. Abernathy on both sides of the street

These projects are scheduled for completion within 90 days. Construction is located within the City of Atlanta’s right-of-way between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm unless otherwise indicated. Property owners are advised to remove or relocate any sprinkler lines or other fixtures, including landscaping, that may be installed within the right-of-way prior to the commencement of construction.

For questions concerning impact to the right-of-way fronting specific properties or concerns during the construction of this project, please contact the Department of Public Works at (404) 330-6739.

Westview on CNN

Today is Super Tuesday, so make sure you get out and vote! Westview was featured on CNN this morning in a story asking the candidates what they will do about the current mortgage crisis. Westview was hit hard by mortgage fraud a few years back, which has created a lot of opportunity for first time home owners. The reporter was live from West Ontario Ave, and unlike the AP reporter she got the story right!

Watch the Video: Presidential Canidates Fixing the Mortgage Crisis