Mellow Mushroom Contest

Westview Kids Enter Mellow Mushroom Contest

Mellow Mushroom recently announced an Instagram video contest. The grand prize is a 90-second shopping spree at Sports Authority (up to $2,000). To enter, you upload a 15-second video saying why you should win the prize.

Westview residents thought it would be a fun idea to get some of the neighborhood children together to star in a 15-second video for an opportunity to win the grand prize and get them some new sports equipment to play with. See what they came up with!

BeltLine Groundbreaking

Westview BeltLine Groundbreaking

Westview’s BeltLine groundbreaking on December 12th, 2009 at Lucile Avenue and Muse Street is featured in this BeltLine video! The video additionally features West End’s trail (Phase I), which is interconnected with Westview’s trail (Phase II).

Westview on CNN

Today is Super Tuesday, so make sure you get out and vote! Westview was featured on CNN this morning in a story asking the candidates what they will do about the current mortgage crisis. Westview was hit hard by mortgage fraud a few years back, which has created a lot of opportunity for first time home owners. The reporter was live from West Ontario Ave, and unlike the AP reporter she got the story right!

Watch the Video: Presidential Canidates Fixing the Mortgage Crisis


We have been working closely with Carl Nes and Nia Knowles to put together a video that showcases Westview and West End. We are still in the process of shooting all of the interviews and footage, but in the meantime you can check out some interviews about Westview on YouTube: