KIPP STRIVE Academy Receives Award

Westview can continue to be proud to have an institution like KIPP STRIVE Academy in the neighborhood. After being recognized as a “National Blue Ribbon School” in 2015 the charter school is back in the news for winning the “Georgia Charter School of the Year Award.” As part of the achievement KIPP STRIVE Academy received a $50,000.00 check, sponsored by the Coca-Cola Foundation.

Read the press release: KIPP STRIVE Academy Wins Georgia Charter School of the Year Award

Featured Volunteer John

Featured Volunteer: John

John was born in Eatonton, GA, and moved to Atlanta in 1960. He worked at the Chevrolet Company when he was younger and eventually joined the U.S. Postal Service where he served as a walking postman in the Midtown neighborhood for 11.5 years, from which he is now retired.

John bought his home in Westview in 1968. His purchase was for practical reasons at the time, but he has since fallen in love with the neighborhood. Before getting involved with the Westview Community Organization John was active in the church choir at Mount Moriah Baptist Church at Lowery and Fair Street in the 1970s and 80s. Eventually John became involved with the Westview Community Organization where he served as President in 2008 and 2009, and he currently serves as the Chair of the Beautification Committee. When he joined the committee, the Chair at that time initially thought he was joking, but John has faithfully been mowing the Westview park triangles and participated in plantings ever since.

A few fun facts about John:

Currently in his CD Player: Michael Jackson
Favorite Color: Blue
Dream Vacation Destination: Paris, France
Doesn’t Like: Squash Casserole

Featured Volunteer: Chad

Featured Volunteer: Chad

Chad purchased his home in Westview in 2009. Since moving to the neighborhood he has been an active volunteer engaged in numerous projects including (but not limited to) working on the neighborhood’s National Register application, coordinating with Trees Atlanta to plant over 300 trees in the neighborhood, repairing and installing signage throughout the neighborhood and helping out with community clean-ups.

Chad’s home is a 1925 Craftsman Bungalow with Tudor Revival detailing. He works as an architectural historian with the Georgia Department of Transportation, and the historic housing stock of Westview is what drew him to the neighborhood. Before living in Westview Chad owned a home in East Atlanta, and he finds similarities between the two neighborhoods – great historic houses, proximity to a neighborhood commercial village, and the same geographic orientation to the city.

A few fun facts about Chad:

Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Band: Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Favorite Movie: Superman
Favorite Book: Dear Theo: The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh
Favorite Place in the World (other than Westview): Bolinas Beach, California
Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Waffles at Waffle House

KIPP STRIVE Academy Educator Awards

KIPP STRIVE Academy Educator Awards

The Atlanta Families’ Awards for Excellence in Education organization awarded not one, but two educators at KIPP STRIVE Academy!

The organization’s mission is to “improve the quality of education in Atlanta Public Schools by recognizing outstanding teachers and school leaders for their commitment to excellence.” KIPP STRIVE Academy’s Principal, Ed Chang, and 5th grade math teacher, Mike Stewart, were two of ten winners of the 2011 AFAEE awards. The awards each came with $7,500 in grant money to help fund innovative classrooms and school-wide projects. The project was made possible thanks to Councilmember Kwanza Hall, the Chick-fil-A cow, the Atlanta Falcons players and cheerleaders, and Superintendent Erroll Davis.

At a time when the Atlanta Public School system has been engrossed in news of cheating scandals it is refreshing to know that KIPP STRIVE Academy has continued to aim high. Westview residents can be proud to have such award-winning educators within the neighborhood school.

The Westview Community Organization would like to congratulate Ed Chang and Mike Stewart on their commitment and dedication to the future of the children in southwest Atlanta!

To view more photos of the awards ceremony please visit our Westview Facebook page.