CNN Features KIPP Principal Ed Chang

A “I Am America” special report by CNN featured KIPP STRIVE Academy principal Ed Chang. Watch the video to hear Ed explain why he switched from his previous career as a physical therapist to the education field.

Education is the civil rights movement of today.” – Ed Chang

Tire Clean-Up

Tire Clean-Up

A group of Westview neighbors joined forces with Councilmember Cleta Winslow to clean up illegally dumped tires within the neighborhoods. Winslow sponsored a “tire amnesty” day to enable communities who have fallen victims to illegal tire dumpings to bring the tires to a designated location free of charge.

Illegal tire dumpings have become such a problem that even 11Alive came out to cover the story. Read the story and watch the video: Neighbor to Dumpers: ‘Shame on You’