2012 Westview Summer Solstice Celebration

Westview Summer Solstice Celebration on Muse Street

On Saturday, June 23, 2012 Westview held its fifth annual neighborhood festival – the Westview Summer Solstice Celebration. While it has shifted from its roots (read about the festival history in the May/June 2012 issue of the ‘Westview Neighbor’ newsletter) it has remained a community-oriented occasion, geared to bring neighbors and friends together for a fun social event.

Seven grillers battled it out for the title of “Best Chicken/Ribs of Southwest Atlanta” – Claiborne and Jaime representing Beecher-Donnelly, Christopher representing Morehouse College, Alvin representing Project GRAD, Carl and Scott representing West End, Sister DeBorah representing West End, Kisha representing Westview, and Scott representing Westview. Voters decided the titles of the “Best of 2012” go to:

Best Chicken of Southwest Atlanta – Carl and Scott representing West End
Best Ribs of Southwest Atlanta – Claiborne and Jaime representing Beecher-Donnelly

While the grill-off was in full swing vendors lined Muse Street to sell everything from portrait painting and cedar flower planters to rum cakes and King of Pop popsicles. In the meanwhile music was projecting the sounds of singer/songwriter Juliana Finch and DJ Enoch down the street and kids were playing sack races, painting with chalk, and creating bird feeders.

To view photos of the Westview Summer Solstice Celebration please visit our Westview Facebook page.

Mortgage Fraud, Foreclosure, and Neighborhood Stabilization

On November 13th Westview neighbors Scott Smith and Patrick Berry were invited to participate in a panel discussion about Mortgage Fraud and the Neighborhood Stabilization Program at Morehouse College. The event started with a screening of the documentary “When A House Is Not A Home,” produced and directed by neighboring West End residents Brent Brewer and Paulette Richards. The screening was followed by a panel discussion and Q&A about mortgage fraud, foreclosure, and the recently announced HUD program called Neighborhood Stabilization program. Scott Smith contributed with his knowledge about mortgage fraud based on his years of research about the topic. Patrick Berry contributed his knowledge about the Neighborhood Stabilization Program and how this grant money may help neighborhoods like Westview fill empty, foreclosed houses with homeowners.

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Morehouse Panel Discussion 2008