BeltLine Southwest Master Plan Meeting

Join the Atlanta BeltLine to review the BeltLine’s master plans for your neighborhood, provide project updates and answer you questions.

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Development Committee Walk-Through

Development Committee Walk-Through

In 2010 the Westview Community Organization sponsored a planning session that resulted in the Westview Master Plan, which was later adopted by City Council and signed into law by Mayor Reed in 2011.

The Westview Community Organization’s Development Committee organized a 2-hour walk-through to show the areas that would be affected based on the plan. A follow-up walk will take place to touch on the areas that were not covered by the first walk.

To view more photos of the neighborhood walk-through please visit our Westview Facebook page.

Westview Master Plan Adopted

Westview Master PlanThe Westview Community Organization is proud to announce that the Westview Master Plan has been officially adopted by the City of Atlanta!

Following the June 13, 2011 Public Hearing, the Atlanta City Council unanimously voted to adopt the Ordinance on June 20, 2011: “An Ordinance by Community Development/Human Resources Committee to adopt the Westview Neighborhood Master Plan; to amend the City of Atlanta 2008 Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) so as to incorporate the Plan into the CDP; and for other purposes.”

Mayor Kasim Reed gave his stamp of approval on June 29, 2011, making the Westview Master Plan an official document and part of the City’s Comprehensive Development Plan.

The officially adopted plan will allow the neighborhood strive towards its development goals and provide a project guideline to the City when funding becomes available for such projects.

Download the Westview Master Plan PDF »

Download the adopted City of Atlanta legislation PDF »

Master Plan Adoption

The legislation to adopt the Westview Master Plan has been written, and it will be making its way through various hearings and committee meetings before going to City Council for a vote. Neighbors are encouraged to attend these meetings to answer questions and show support for the plan. Please mark two very important dates on your calendars:

– Public hearing on June 13th at 6:00pm

– Community Development/Human Resources Committee on June 14th at 12:30pm

Location: Committee Room 2, Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30303

2011 Comprehensive Development Plan Workshop

2011 CDP Workshop

Members of the Westview neighborhood joined together with residents from Neighborhood Planning Unit’s T, S, and V for the “Intown South” workshop of the City of Atlanta’s 2011 Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP). Georgia law requires a plan to be made every 3-5 years, and looks at the development of the city for the next 20 years.

In this first meeting (out of 3 meetings total) the goal was to come up with issues and opportunities in our neighborhoods, and the city as a whole.

To view more photos of the CDP workshop please visit the complete photo album on our Westview Facebook page.

BeltLine SW Study Group

BeltLine SW Study Group

On Thursday, July 22nd the Atlanta BeltLine held a southwest Atlanta study group meeting at SPACE. Residents were presented with land use, bicycle, and Enota Park plans that stemmed from community input received during the April 22nd meeting. After the presentation additional feedback was provided by residents to further refine the plan.

The final Sub Area 1 BeltLine Draft Master Plan will be presented during a meeting on Thursday, August 27th, 2010 at West Hunter Street Baptist Church (1040 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd).

To see plans related to Westview’s study area please visit the BeltLine website.

Westview Master Planning Workshop

Master Planning Workshop

The Westview Community Organization’s Development Committee has been working on a big project for about a year – a master plan for the neighborhood. Neighborhood plans are developed to determine the physical, social, and economic growth and development needs of a neighborhood and help the city allocate money for improvements. As many parts of the city already have plans, Westview neighbors determined it was time to follow suit. The plan the Westview Community Organization puts together will ultimately be brought in front of City Council with the goal of getting adopted into Atlanta’s Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP).

One step required to have the plan officially recognized by the City of Atlanta is to have a public master planning session. Approximately 1,400 postcards were sent out to property owners in the weeks leading up to the May 15, 2010 master planning session to inform them of the upcoming event. A lot of planning was required leading up to the public event. Members of the Development Committee surveyed every street of the neighborhood, noting the conditions of streets, sidewalks, houses, and locations of street signs, telephone poles, trees, and other important aspects required to establish a thorough plan of the neighborhood. This would create the foundation required for the public input.

On the morning of May 15th residents were encouraged to participate in a walk through the neighborhood to re-familiarize themselves with the different areas of the community. At noon the official meeting started with a presentation about the neighborhood. Residents then split into three different planning groups – commercial, BeltLine and greenspaces, and walkability and connectivity.

Following the master planning session the Development Committee will compile the collected information and input to further develop the plan for Westview’s future.

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BeltLine Master Planning Kick-Off

Study group sub area 1 kicked off their official BeltLine master planning process at Hammond’s House. The Westview neighborhood is encompassed in this sub area, which is in the southwest portion of the BeltLine corridor. In recent months small groups of neighbors have met to start the BeltLine planning movement. Today’s meeting was the first official BeltLine meeting and gave an overview of what the planning process will involve. Part of the presentation recommended for neighbors to get familiar with some of the zoning and planning language that will be used. Other parts of the presentation gave explanations of what kind of density would be required to support a light rail. The planning process will continue over a number of sessions throughout 2009 and the final master plan is anticipated to be adopted in early 2010.

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BeltLine Southwest Master Planning BeltLine Southwest Master Planning