Westview Game Night

WCO Game Night

The Westview Community Organization is hosting a “Westview Game Night” at Calvary United Methodist Church. Think Monopoly, Uno, Cards, Chess, Othello, Puzzles, Spades, etc. If you have any games you think people would enjoy playing bring them. There will be prizes and refreshments.

Tour de SWAT 2014

Tour de SWAT Photos

Tour de SWAT was the first annual bike and history tour through seven historic southwest Atlanta neighborhoods. The 13-mile tour included visits to historic renovated houses, city parks and other cultural attractions, as well as guided history lessons and refreshment stops while cruising through Pittsburgh, Capitol View Manor, Capitol View, Oakland City, Westview, West End, and Adair Park.

In Westview the biker’s stopped at a neighbor’s house on Rogers Avenue and for a bite to eat at The Big Apple Inn.

To view photos of shots from Westview (and a group shot in West End) check out the photo gallery below, or to see additional photos from other neighborhoods visit the Westview Facebook page.

Tour de SWAT

It’s time to discover Southwest Atlanta! From Adair Park to Pittsburgh, through Capitol View Manor and Capitol View, Oakland City, West End and Westview, Southwest Atlanta is filled with history and architecture. Join Adair Park Today for a self-guided 13 mile bike tour through these amazing neighborhoods and see what’s been waiting to be discovered.

Tour includes an informational packet on historic buildings along the way and stops where the owner or a historian will explain the history of the building.

After the ride, join Adair Park Today in Adair Park I for refreshments and lawn games! It’s time to tour de SWAT (Southwest Atlanta).

Bike Rentals are available for $10 courtesy of the BeltLine Bike Shop, a local non-profit that helps kids learn while earning a bicycle.

View the route here: http://veloroutes.org/bikemaps/?route=111518

Westview Game Night

Westview Game Night

The Westview Community Organization held a game night for young and old. Monopoly, chess, Uno, and Othello were some of the games played. Prizes were additionally given away to those able to answer quiz questions, which was especially fun for the children.

Would you have been able to answer one of the challenging but informative quiz question – “Who was the first man killed during the Revolutionary War?”. (The answer is “Crispus Attucks”.)

To view more photos of game night please visit our Westview Facebook page.

Westview Game Night

Date: Saturday, January 14, 2012
Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: Calvary United Methodist Church, 1471 R. D. Abernathy Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30310
Details: The Westview Community Organization and Calvary United Methodist Church are hosting a “Westview Game Night” (Monopoly, Uno, Cards, Chess, Checkers, etc). This will be a opportunity to let the young people know that we care for them and a great chance to meet your neighbors. If you have any games you think people would enjoy playing bring them.