Decatur Old House Fair

With so many historic houses in Westview this fair is a historic homeowner’s dream!

The Decatur Old House Fair – March 6th 

A day long seminar will feature a number of lectures about living in and restoring old houses. Some topics that will be covered:

  • Historic Wood Window Restoration: Did you know that a properly restored historic wood window has higher e-value than most new windows on the market?
  • National Register of Historic Places and Tax Incentives: The National Register of Historic Places is our country’s inventory of the buildings, sites, and cultural landscapes that are historically significant.
  • Researching Your Old House: Ever wanted to know when your house was built and by whom? Who lived in your house and how it has changed over the years?
  • “Greening” Your Old House: The greenest house is the one already built. But, did you know that there is even more you can do to reduce your old home’s carbon footprint?
  • Design Solutions for Additions and New Construction in Historic Neighborhoods: Want to add space to your historic home but don’t want it to look like an addition?
  • How to Hire a Contractor: Interviewing and selecting a contractor is a daunting task and not having all the information can cost you many thousands of dollars.
  • Maintenance Plans for Old Houses: Owning any house means maintenance. Owning a historic home means maintenance and preservation.
  • Historic Landscapes for Old Houses: Historic landscapes tell us so much about lives and interests of previous generations. Each style of home and each time period has its own unique landscape associated with it.

Go to for more information. Advance tickets are $10.