Beyond Ferguson Workshop

The Westview Community Organization’s Public Safety Committee, in conjunction with Morehouse Atlanta Alumni and WeCycle Atlanta, are targeting neighbors who need help moving on after being part of the criminal justice system.

Getting Out and Staying Out
Meet justice advocates from The Georgia Justice Project, concerned legal professionals from Morehouse College’s local alumni association, and retired public servants to discuss issues important to you and your family.

  • Racial/Gender-based Profiling
  • Expungement Process
  • Property Returns
  • Community Services Available
  • Job Skills Help & Career Information

The New “Ban The Box” Law

  • Can you still be denied a job based on your criminal history?
  • What can I do if I am denied a job, even if I already paid my debts to society?
Tire Clean-Up

Tire Clean-Up

A group of Westview neighbors joined forces with Councilmember Cleta Winslow to clean up illegally dumped tires within the neighborhoods. Winslow sponsored a “tire amnesty” day to enable communities who have fallen victims to illegal tire dumpings to bring the tires to a designated location free of charge.

Illegal tire dumpings have become such a problem that even 11Alive came out to cover the story. Read the story and watch the video: Neighbor to Dumpers: ‘Shame on You’

Illegal Tire Dumping

Illegal Tire Dumping

Illegal tire dumping in southwest Atlanta neighborhoods has become such a nuisance that even the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has picked up a story (“Residents, businesses fed up with dumping ground”) about the problems. Thankfully there are two positive notes to add to this otherwise annoying topic:

For the short term: Councilmember Cleta Winslow is sponsoring a tire amnesty day on Saturday, February 27, 2010 from 9:00am to noon. Residents are asked to help pick up tires around the neighborhood and bring them to the drop-off site at the corner of Donnelly Avenue and Peeples Street in the Oakland City neighborhood. Westview residents will meet at 9:30am at Ontario Park to pick up tires in the community. Volunteers are appreciated!

For the long term: The AJC article indicates an illegal dumping hotline has been set up for this problem at 404-546-3867 or e-mail at

Operation Neighborhood Take Back

Operation Neighborhood Take Back

At a mere 38°F Westview neighbors braved the weather to do door-to-door canvassing for “Operation Neighborhood Take Back” on Saturday, December 5th. The event was sponsored by the Zone 4 Community Prosecutor in conjunction with Zone 4 Police and neighborhoods to provide public safety information to residents.