CNN Features KIPP Principal Ed Chang

A “I Am America” special report by CNN featured KIPP STRIVE Academy principal Ed Chang. Watch the video to hear Ed explain why he switched from his previous career as a physical therapist to the education field.

Education is the civil rights movement of today.” – Ed Chang

Economy Forces Americans to Rediscover Community

One of Westview’s neighbors, Leslie Gage, has been featured in the CNN article “Shaky economy forces Americans to rediscover community”. Although the circumstances were not ideal, Leslie found good use of her spare time after being laid off from her job: To help neighbors in the community through Tool Bank’s HouseProud project!

Read “Shaky economy forces Americans to rediscover community” and find out more information about how HouseProud is active in Westview.

Westview on CNN

Today is Super Tuesday, so make sure you get out and vote! Westview was featured on CNN this morning in a story asking the candidates what they will do about the current mortgage crisis. Westview was hit hard by mortgage fraud a few years back, which has created a lot of opportunity for first time home owners. The reporter was live from West Ontario Ave, and unlike the AP reporter she got the story right!

Watch the Video: Presidential Canidates Fixing the Mortgage Crisis