Earth Day Clean-Up

Council members Andre Dickens and Cleta Winslow are hosting an Earth Day clean-up for Westview and West End.

Free hot dog lunch for anyone who does at least one hour of cleanup. If you plan to eat, be sure to RSVP to Michelle at or 404-384-3339.

2016 Earth Day Clean-Up

Implementing the Atlanta BeltLine

Date: Thursday, February 7, 3012
Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Location: Atlanta Metropolitan College, Dennard Center, 1630 Metropolitan Parkway SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

Details: Join Atlanta City Councilmembers Joyce Sheperd, Carla Smith and Cleta Winslow for a community meeting:

What are the next steps for the Atlanta BeltLine?

The Atlanta BeltLine is a massive, comprehensive project that touches more than 45 neighborhoods. While a great deal of work has been accomplished in the past six years, there is much more to do. We must answer important questions about how we build the rest of the project – and we can only do that with your help.

We need your help to help inform the priorities of the project moving forward. The upcoming meeting is your opportunity to hear about how we are shaping this plan, and what criteria we will use to prioritize projects. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to provide your input on how we move projects forward using these criteria.

Beth McMillan, Director of Community Engagement at 404-477-3550 or
Lynnette Reid, Atlanta Beltline Community Engagement at 404-477-3551 or

Westview Zoning Ordinances

Councilmember’s Cleta Winslow and CT Martin have introduced two zoning ordinances impacting the Westview neighborhood.

Westview Zoning OrdinancesOrdinance Z-12-16 focuses on an area at the intersection of Cascade Avenue and Beecher Street in the southeastern corner of Westview, as well as adjacent neighborhoods. The ordinance reads: “An Ordinance to rezone certain properties within the Cascade Avenue corridor in NPU-S and NPU-T from C-1 (Community Business) and C-1-C (Community Business-Conditional) districts to the NC-14 Cascade Avenue-Beecher Street Neighborhood Commercial District, and for other purposes.”

In 2000 the City of Atlanta introduced the new “Neighborhood Commercial (NC)” zoning in an effort to steer zoning regulations away from automobile-focused development to a more balanced and inclusive building solution that would welcome pedestrian traffic. The goal of the NC zoning is to provide a friendly and inviting commercial atmosphere that focuses on and is supported by the surrounding residential neighborhoods.
Westview Zoning OrdinancesOrdinance Z-12-17 focuses on an area at the intersection of Cascade Avenue and Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard on the eastern edge of Westview, as well as adjacent neighborhoods. The ordinance reads: “An Ordinance to rezone certain properties within the Cascade corridor in NPU-T from the R-4 (Single-Family Residential), C-1 (Community Business), and the C-1-C (Community Business-Conditional) districts to the MRC-1-C (Mixed Residential Commercial-Conditional) and MRC-2-C (Mixed residential Commercial-Conditional) districts, and for other purposes.”

The Mixed Residential-Commercial (MRC) zoning was equally instated to steer away from automobile only driven development. MRC zoning encourages development that provides commercial use for street-level traffic in conjunction with higher density residential use such as condominiums or apartments above the commercial space. Its additional purpose is to focus buildings back towards the street for pedestrian traffic, while hiding automobile parking in the rear and eliminating giant parking lots with big building setbacks.

The introduction of the legislations to turn the Cascade-Beecher area into a neighborhood commercial district and the Cascade-Ralph David Abernathy area into a mixed residential-commercial district is intended to build a framework that will support the City of Atlanta’s new vision of all-encompassing community development.

A public information session took place on Wednesday, July 25th, 2012. The ordinances are scheduled to appear on the agenda of NPU-T for a vote at the Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 meeting. If residents deem changes necessary they are encouraged to defer the vote and supply requested changes for a vote at the September NPU-T meeting.

Download PDFs of the full ordinances: Z-12-16 & Z-12-17

Tire Clean-Up

Tire Clean-Up

A group of Westview neighbors joined forces with Councilmember Cleta Winslow to clean up illegally dumped tires within the neighborhoods. Winslow sponsored a “tire amnesty” day to enable communities who have fallen victims to illegal tire dumpings to bring the tires to a designated location free of charge.

Illegal tire dumpings have become such a problem that even 11Alive came out to cover the story. Read the story and watch the video: Neighbor to Dumpers: ‘Shame on You’

Illegal Tire Dumping

Illegal Tire Dumping

Illegal tire dumping in southwest Atlanta neighborhoods has become such a nuisance that even the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has picked up a story (“Residents, businesses fed up with dumping ground”) about the problems. Thankfully there are two positive notes to add to this otherwise annoying topic:

For the short term: Councilmember Cleta Winslow is sponsoring a tire amnesty day on Saturday, February 27, 2010 from 9:00am to noon. Residents are asked to help pick up tires around the neighborhood and bring them to the drop-off site at the corner of Donnelly Avenue and Peeples Street in the Oakland City neighborhood. Westview residents will meet at 9:30am at Ontario Park to pick up tires in the community. Volunteers are appreciated!

For the long term: The AJC article indicates an illegal dumping hotline has been set up for this problem at 404-546-3867 or e-mail at