Relay Bicycles

Relay Bicycles

The City of Atlanta has expanded its Relay bike share program. A bicycle station is now located at Gordon-White Park in the adjacent West End neighborhood, allowing residents to rent bike’s for hourly pay-as-you-go plans, or via monthly or annual passes. This is a great way for neighbors who don’t own bike’s to enjoy a different mode of transportation, which will be especially fun once the car-free Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail opens up in the fall.

Additional information about Relay bike’s can be found at:

Tour de SWAT 2015

Tour de SWAT 2016

Join Tour de SWAT for the third annual bicycle event as they explore the rich history – and trust us, you will be blown away by what you will learn – and beautiful scenery of eight of Atlanta’s most beautiful and historic neighborhoods. You’ll bike eleven miles through Oakland City, Adair Park, Capitol View, Capitol View Manor, Pittsburgh, Mechanicsville, Westview, and West End on an all new ride.

The after party will be at Lifecycle Building Center and there will be complimentary beer (donation accepted) and food for purchase!

Event details:

Tour de SWAT 2015

Tour de SWAT 2015 Photos

A group of bicyclists descended on Westview for the second annual Tour de SWAT. As part of the tour there was a stop at the historic Gordon Street Presbyterian Church, where local historic experts gave a brief presentation about Westview’s history.

Westview Community Garden

Neighbors Rally to Save Community Garden

The idea of the Westview Community Garden first came to fruition in December 2009 when neighbors were presented with an opportunity to turn a wide vacant lot on South Gordon Street into a community garden. After the Westview Community Organization signed a 3-year lease with the owner plans were started for the 2010 growing season.

The original concept of the garden was for community members to purchase a plot for the year, allowing each plot owner to be in charge of their own area and what was grown. A separate area was designated for shared land so that crops that would perform better in groups, such as corn, could be grown for everyone. The participating gardeners held work days to till the land and build raised beds, and additional work days were held throughout the year to work on keeping the common areas clean.

Over time an emphasis was placed on needing to work with neighborhood youth to teach them where food comes from, how to garden, and providing a sense of pride for their accomplishments when vegetables and fruits were ready to be harvested. In turn the garden took a shift from the individual plot concept to a shared community garden concept where everyone would work in the garden and could enjoy the crops.

The gardeners additionally worked to receive grants to build a garden shed and a chicken coop (it should be noted the plans never materialized to the point of chickens being at the garden), hosted various volunteer groups for garden maintenance, a rain barrel workshop, and were featured in the BeltLine newsletter and as a stop on bicycles tours of Atlanta-area gardens.

While the community garden continued to function, a series of unfortunate background events occurred that would lead to the sudden and surprising end of the garden in March 2015. The owner with whom the community had signed the lease passed away in 2012. After the lease expired at the end of 2013 the community unsuccessfully attempted to contact the heir to renew the lease, and hence the community continued to garden on the land as “tenants at sufferance” (i.e. continuing to occupy the space with an expired lease but without being asked to leave by the owner). Unbeknownst to the gardeners the property fell into foreclosure in April 2014 and was taken over by Capitol City Bank. Capitol City Bank would collapse in February 2015, leaving the FDIC to take over the bank’s assets, including the Westview Community Garden. Community members became aware of the situation when a “No Trespassing” signed appeared in the garden at the beginning of March, followed by a bulldozer at the end of March.

Thanks to the swift action of alert neighbors, members were able to rally and jump into action and salvage the majority of the garden shed. A vote was taken at the April Westview Community Organization meeting to raise the funds for the community to officially acquire the land. The community is currently in negotiations with the FDIC to buy the land. If successful, a fundraiser will be held to raise the money to pay for the land, officially making the garden a community owned asset.

We hope our next article about the garden will be a positive one with a happy ending. In the meanwhile you can read the thorough Creative Loafing article, “Westview Community Garden demolished, but not the neighborhood’s dreams,” as well as take a trip down memory lane with pictures of the garden from our archive:

BeltLine Bike Tour through Westview 2014

BeltLine Bike Tour Photos

On Saturday, June 14, 2014, the Atlanta BeltLine hosted the Atlanta BeltLine Annual Bicycle Tour. A full 27-mile loop and a half 16-mile loop were available; Westview received the honor of being a drive-through neighborhood for both tour options. In an effort to put the community’s best foot forward members of the Westview Community Organization came out to greet the visitors…and do some guerrilla advertising for the following weekend’s Westview Summer Solstice Celebration festival.

Westview Summer Solstice Celebration 2014

To view photos of the Atlanta BeltLine Annual Bicycle Tour view the photo gallery below (click “continue reading”) or visit the Westview Facebook page.

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Park Pride Community Garden Tour

Park Pride Community Garden Tour Photos

On a hot summer day the Park Pride sponsored Community Garden Tour stopped by the Westview Community Garden on South Gordon Street to check out how Westview’s garden is set up. During the whirlwind half hour visit members of the community explained the history of the garden, and that the communal garden was started from seeds in thanks to a grant from Seed Savers Exchange. Before taking off tour members and community members were treated to King of Pop popsicles.

To view photos of the Park Pride Community Garden Tour view the photo gallery below (click “continue reading”) or visit the Westview Facebook page.

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Park Pride’s 2014 Community Garden Tour

Garden PlantingJoin Park Pride to get inspired by what’s growing in Atlanta and to network with local garden enthusiasts! Whether you are an experienced or novice gardener or interested to learn more about community gardens in Atlanta, this tour will provide plenty of insight and inspiration.

The tour will start and end at Elliott Street Deli & Pub (51 Elliott St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313). You can choose to travel by bus ($25) or by bicycle ($10) to visit four inspiring community gardens in Southwest Atlanta. Members of each garden will be on site to provide an overview of their garden and to answer your questions. The tour will end at the opening reception of the Atlanta Cycling Festival, an amazing weeklong bike program. Come fall in love with our growing community, cycling and our city.


2:00 PM – Elliot Street Pub: Registration (51 Elliott St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313)
2:15 PM – Elliot Street Pub – Bike safety overview
2:20 PM – Ride out
2:35 PM – Arrive at the Metropolitan Lofts to visit 5th Kingdom Mushroom Farm
3:05 PM – Leave
3:15 PM – Arrive at the Good Shepard Agro Center (on Lawton Street)
3:45 PM – Leave
4:05 PM – Arrive at the Outdoor Activity Center (On Bridges)
4:45 PM – Leave
5:00 PM – Arrive Westview Garden (On S. Gordon)
5:30 PM – Leave to return to Elliot Street Pub
6:oo PM – Atlanta Cycling Festival Reception


Tour de SWAT 2014

Tour de SWAT Photos

Tour de SWAT was the first annual bike and history tour through seven historic southwest Atlanta neighborhoods. The 13-mile tour included visits to historic renovated houses, city parks and other cultural attractions, as well as guided history lessons and refreshment stops while cruising through Pittsburgh, Capitol View Manor, Capitol View, Oakland City, Westview, West End, and Adair Park.

In Westview the biker’s stopped at a neighbor’s house on Rogers Avenue and for a bite to eat at The Big Apple Inn.

To view photos of shots from Westview (and a group shot in West End) check out the photo gallery below, or to see additional photos from other neighborhoods visit the Westview Facebook page.

Tour de SWAT

It’s time to discover Southwest Atlanta! From Adair Park to Pittsburgh, through Capitol View Manor and Capitol View, Oakland City, West End and Westview, Southwest Atlanta is filled with history and architecture. Join Adair Park Today for a self-guided 13 mile bike tour through these amazing neighborhoods and see what’s been waiting to be discovered.

Tour includes an informational packet on historic buildings along the way and stops where the owner or a historian will explain the history of the building.

After the ride, join Adair Park Today in Adair Park I for refreshments and lawn games! It’s time to tour de SWAT (Southwest Atlanta).

Bike Rentals are available for $10 courtesy of the BeltLine Bike Shop, a local non-profit that helps kids learn while earning a bicycle.

View the route here:

Atlanta BeltLine Westside Bike Tour

The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership and Atlanta Bicycle Coalition offer free, guided bike tours of the Atlanta BeltLine on Sunday afternoons at 2 p.m. Enjoy the ride while you learn about the Atlanta BeltLine concept, history, and updates on project planning, implementation and development.

These tours will include rest stops highlighting assets and points of interest along the Atlanta BeltLine. Staff with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition will lead the rides, and each group will have a ride sweep to help with any unexpected mechanical difficulties.

Riders should bring a multi-geared bicycle in good working condition, wear comfortable clothing, wear a helmet, and bring a water bottle. Plan to arrive 30 minutes early; availability is limited.

Route Map:

Brief Rest Stops:

  • Gordon White Park
  • Brown Middle School/Rose Circle Park
  • Lionel Hampton greenspace

We book Atlanta BeltLine Bike Tours one month at a time. The reservation system opens at 9:00 a.m. on the 25th of each month for the following month’s tour dates.