Julie Ann McKevitt BeltLine Mural Unveiling

Julie Ann McKevitt BeltLine Mural Unveiling

Artist Julie Ann McKevitt painted a mural of dogwood blossoms at the underpass of Westview Drive (at Langhorn Street) as part of the annual Art on the BeltLine project. For her official unveiling she invited friends and neighbors to come out for “paint and popsicles” (#paintandpopsicles). Participants had fun getting creative with their “I was here” handprint marks next to Julie Ann’s mural, all the while enjoying cold popsicles.

To see photos of the BeltLine mural unveiling view the photo gallery below or visit the Westview Facebook page.

Hadley Breckenridge Westview BeltLine Art

Westview BeltLine Art Featured on GSU Website

Georgia State University did a feature on their website about “Georgia State Artists Display Work Across Atlanta.” Hadley Breckenridge, an alumna of GSU, is one of the former students featured by the university for her artwork. Hadley participated in the Art on the BeltLine project three years in a row, all three of which can be found along Westview’s portion of the Atlanta BeltLine!

In 2011 her first piece, titled Enterchange, was painted along a retaining wall along Muse Street facing the Atlanta BeltLine. In 2012 she painted The Highball Artist on the Lucile Avenue bridge. In 2013 she revisited Enterchange by enlarging it to the remaining span of the retaining wall, as well as on the Muse Street facing wall.

To see Hadley Breckenridge and neighbors in action visit to the Westview Facebook page.

Atlanta BeltLine Mural

Atlanta BeltLine Mural

2013 marked the third year of Art on the BeltLine and also the third year artist Hadley Breckenridge worked on a mural in Westview. In her first year she worked on a colorful mural on a wall along Muse Street, facing the BeltLine corridor. In her second year she painted The Highball, another vibrant mural underneath the Lucile Avenue bridge. In her third year she returned to her first piece and extended it to cover the length of the remaining wall. Breckenridge tackled the large wall thanks to the help of her friends and neighbors, young and old.

To view photos of the mural being painted please visit our Westview Facebook page as well as Hadley Breckenridge’s Facebook page.

Westview Art On The BeltLine

Art on the BeltLine

The Atlanta BeltLine is well known for its rail, trail and park components, but it also has a different, fun, and perhaps lesser known aspect to it – art! In anticipation of the upcoming “Art on the Atlanta BeltLine” exhibit, which will be running officially from September through November, many art pieces have popped up along the Westview BeltLine corridor. Some artists were even spotted in action as they were installing their pieces. Until you can check the work out for yourself take a sneak peak at what we found!

To view more photos of Art on the BeltLine please visit our Westview Facebook page.