2016 Executive Retreat

2016 Executive Retreat

The Westview Community Organization’s new 2016 Executive Committee met up at the end of January for a retreat that included team building exercises so new and old members could get to know each other and their working styles better. Following the team building exercise were a recap of 2015 and goals and ideas to be carried out for 2016.

2016 Executive Committee

Elected Officers:
President – Octavia Vogel
Vice President – Jacinta Williams
Secretary – Kiyomi Rollins
Assistant Secretary – Elijah Tutt
Treasurer – Kevin Carroll
Assistant Treasurer-
Chaplain – Melvin Bray
Correspondence Secretary – Jana Pruett
Parliamentarian – Bonita Johnson-Corey

Appointed Officers:
Beautification Committee –
Development Committee – Patrick Berry & Steffi Langer-Berry
Garden Committee – Abbey Henderson
Membership Committee – Rebecca Cater
Public Safety Committee – Darrick Young
Special Events Committee –
Youth Committee – Catherine Aaron
Zoning and Code Enforcement Committee – Jay Scott

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