Westview Leadership

Executive Committee Leadership Change

The Westview Community Organization’s (WCO) President, Ayana Gabriel, stepped down from her position on June 30, 2015. Before her Presidency term from 2012-2015, Ayana had served as Vice President in 2011, and Special Events Committee chair prior to that.

Per the WCO’s bylaws the Vice President assumes the role of the President until the next regular election cycle, which will take place in December 2015.

The Vice President, Octavia Vogel, who has been in her role since 2014, will now resume the role of President through 2015.

During the special June 30th meeting the WCO’s Executive Committee held a special election, per the bylaws, to fill the Vice President position. Jacinta Williams, who previously held the Assistant Treasurer position, was elected to fill the role of Vice President through 2015.

Additionally, the recently vacated Zoning and Code Enforcement Committee Chair position was appointed to Jay Scott.

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