Infrastructure Bond Street Repaving

Infrastructure Bond Passes

The citizens of Atlanta went to the polls on Tuesday, March 17th, and approved the proposed Infrastructure Bond Referendum.

A total of 20,762 voters appeared at the polls to cast their vote for desperately needed infrastructure improvements around the City of Atlanta. The two-part vote included “Question 1,” which requested $134.5 million in funding towards transportation projects, and “Question 2,” which requested $44.8 million in funding towards municipal facilities. Both requests received an overwhelming number of “Yes” votes, with Question 1 being approved by 88.21% (or 18,314) of “Yes” votes, and Question 2 being approved by 85.52% (or 17,791) of “Yes” votes.

Per the city’s Frequently Asked Questions “It is estimated that the proceeds from the bonds sale will be received by July 1, 2015 for projects financing.” The projects are additionally scheduled to be completed within the next 5 years. Councilmembers have already voted to establish an oversight committee, the Renew Atlanta Infrastructure Bond Technical Advisory Committee, to ensure the projects are kept on track.

Westview fought hard to have several high-impact projects included as part of the referendum. Read our Updated Infrastructure Bond FAQ story for a list of Westview projects.

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