Party with the Past at Westview Cemetery

Party with the Past at Westview Cemetery

The Atlanta History Center has facilitated a series of events scattered throughout the city to highlight historic Atlanta landmarks. The events are called “Party with the Past” and are designed to get young professionals interested in history. So what better way to get these young people out than to entice them to the historic landmarks by offering them a cash bar where they can mingle with their friends and at some point listen to a speaker inform them about the history of the location?

The event series has been a huge success, and Westview residents were lucky enough to finally have a Party with the Past event held in their own neighborhood at the Westview Cemetery. On Halloween eve no less! Fittingly attendees were encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes.

Westview Cemetery President, Charles Bowen, and Public Relations Manager, Grant Myers, talked about the 130 year history of the cemetery and the individuals that are buried there. Attendees were additionally surprised by an impromptu concert by violinist Paul Mercer in the Mausoleum’s Abbey.

To view additional photos of the “Party with the Past” event at the Westview Cemetery visit the Atlanta History Center Facebook page.

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