WCO Update

Westview Community Organization update from President Scott Smith:

Good day neighbors and extended members of the Westview Community.

In looking at the weather forecast, we have made the decision to cancel the January meeting. While right now the ground is dry, we are concerned with the long term forecast which expects freezing rain tomorrow afternoon and evening. Rather than have you risk your personal safety coming to the meeting, we are canceling the meeting.

The next WCO meeting will be on Monday, February 7th at 7pm. The January meeting of NPU-T will be on Wednesday, January 12th at 7pm. This is the last meeting being held at the Boys & Girls Club.

In the mean time, we do want to make sure you are aware of some upcoming events:

  • The Boys & Girls Club on Donnelly is closing. Their last day of operation is January 17th. This is a facility that is run by the Salvation Army and due to budget constraints, they have made the decision to close the building. If you have a child that is a member of this location, their membership will be honored by other area Boys & Girls Club locations.
  • Fulton County Commissioner Darnell has funded the planting of trees in Westview. We have two (2) scheduled planting dates: Saturday January 15th on Rogers and Saturday, January 22nd on Westwood. I believe that the plantings will start at 9am on both dates. The trees will be provided through Trees Atlanta. I know that Trees Atlanta will have volunteers out working but it would be great if we could show the visitors to our community that we also care by coming out to help.
    • If you have not worked with Trees Atlanta on a planting date before, there are 2 main jobs: Planting and Mulching. If you are able to dig a hole, you can help plant. If you can’t dig but can carry a pot or bucket, you can help mulch. If you are not able to do either, please consider coming outside on these days to thank the volunteers. Since it will likely be cold, perhaps bringing a cup of coffee or water to the volunteers is something you can do instead.
    • If you live on Rogers or Westwood and would like a shade or ornamental tree in front of your house or in your yard, let me know and I’ll get you on the list. If you do not want a tree at all, let me know and I’ll get you on that list.
  • As a reminder, dues are $5 per household per month. Seniors are asked to pay a reduced amount at $2 per household per month. If you are able to pay the entire year in advance, please consider doing so via our paypal account. Visit our community’s page where you will find a link that will let you pay dues online.
  • The WCO Beautification, Public Safety, Special Events and Development committees are always in need of more volunteers. If you would like to participate on one of these committees in 2011, please let me or Patrick Berry know.
  • I am sure you will be seeing a special events calendar sometime later in the month. This year we will be holding our annual Spring Clean-up, Summer Cookout and our Holiday Dinner. If there are other events you would like to see, please let me know and I’ll get them to our committee chair, Ayana Gabriel.
  • If there are any items you want to bring to our attention for the February meeting, please let me know in advance so that I can make sure you’re on the agenda.
  • Please remember a few safety tips that are very important this time of year:
    • If you are warming your car up, do not leave it unattended. Many auto thefts occur this way.
    • If you are burning a fire in your fireplace, please do not leave it unattended. You should also get your chimney inspected / cleaned once a year.
    • Use only heating sources that are approved for heating a room or house. Unapproved sources such as an open oven door may emit dangerous fumes.
    • If you are aware of a vacant house that is open and has people sleeping in it overnight, please call Code Enforcement (404.330.6190) and the police (911). While we do want everyone out of the cold, when homeless people squat in houses, they often light fires to stay warm. This is a major cause of fires in vacant houses. Once the house catches fire, the buildings next door are at risk as well.


Scott C. Smith
President – Westview Community Organization

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