Canine Care

In an effort to protect our four legged friends in the community we would like remind residents about the following information concerning dogs:

Dog Fighting
If you suspect or know of places promoting dog fighting and abused animals, or individuals involved, please report any incidents or information to the Humane Society’s Dog Fighting Hotline at 877-215-2250. There is a reward of up to $5000.00 if you report someone who operates a ring and it leads to a conviction.

As of September 4, 2009 it is no longer legal to tether your dog in any manner. Leaving your dog on a chain, rope, or tie out is illegal.

Section 34-205(b) of the Fulton County Code of Ordinances is hereby amended to add the following new subparagraphs:
(5) It shall be unlawful for the owner, custodian, or harborer of any dog to restrain or anchor such animal by means of a tether. Notwithstanding the prior sentence, a dog may be temporarily restrained by means of a tether while the dog is attended by its owner, custodian, or harborer.
(6) Any tether used to temporarily confine a dog while attended by its owner, custodian, or harborer as provided in subsection (5′), above, must be attached to a properly fitted collar or harness and shall not be wrapped directly around the dog’s neck. Such tethers shall not be excessively heavy or weighted so as to inhibit the dog’s movement.

Healthy alternatives to tethering are:

  • Bring your dog inside. This is the ideal situation for your dog to become part of the family. Fulton County Animal Services along with Dogs Deserve Better will be glad to teach you how to walk him, help you house train, and show you how to teach him what is okay and is not okay to chew on. A well trained dog is a loyal friend for life.
  • Spay and neuter. Fulton County Animal Services is glad to fix your pets for free! A neutered male is less likely to try to escape a fence or ‘mark’ in the home. A spayed female dog will not go into heat so she will not roam looking for a mate. Also, spaying reduces unwanted litters of puppies- helping to decrease the number of strays in our communities.
  • Install a fence. A secure fence, at the appropriate height, gives your dog limited freedom and makes house training easier with quick access to the outdoors. Fencing can be cheap and easy to put up. We are glad to provide information on organizations that will help you build or improve fences and dog runs in your yard.

For further information contact Fulton County Animal Services at 404-794-0358 OR Dogs Deserve Better at: 1-877-636-1408

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