BeltLine Door-to-Door Canvassing

On Saturday volunteers canvassed some of Westview’s streets to inform neighbors about the BeltLine. Several neighbors and volunteers from nearby schools walked door-to-door handing out flyers and letters with facts and information about the project. One group focused on Enota Pl, Altoona Pl, Mathewson Pl, and Inman St while the other group focused on West Ontario Ave, East Ontario Ave, Ontario Ave, and the eastern part of Stokes Ave. (Other affected areas were not reached due to lack of volunteers.)

Information on areas affecting Westview:

Westview on 11Alive

Mark Malaguerra of Westview was featured on 11Alive News last night. Mark is the former President of the Westview Community Organization and has lived in Westview for seven years. The article and broadcast report only mentioned West End, but a lot of the footage was actually of Westview. Even with all our efforts people still seem to get the neighborhoods confused.

The story talks about how mortgage fraud swept through the area in the early to mid 2000’s and really hurt the community. They also talk about the positive side of the situation, which is a lot of wonderful old homes available for half the prices you would find in other intown Atlanta neighborhoods.

If you would like a walking tour of Westview please contact Scott Smith at (404) 752-6423.

Article on 11Alive Website:

Residential Toilet Rebate Program

Westview residents are eligible for a rebate if they replace old toilets to more efficient, water saving toilets. The initiative is sponsored by the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District, and through certain requirements residents can receive $50.00 – 200.00 back. More information, requirements and the application are available at:

Westview on CNN

Today is Super Tuesday, so make sure you get out and vote! Westview was featured on CNN this morning in a story asking the candidates what they will do about the current mortgage crisis. Westview was hit hard by mortgage fraud a few years back, which has created a lot of opportunity for first time home owners. The reporter was live from West Ontario Ave, and unlike the AP reporter she got the story right!

Watch the Video: Presidential Canidates Fixing the Mortgage Crisis