Homes for Sale

Below are some of the current listings in Westview – as of February 2, 2019. Please note that Westview listings are often categorized as “West End” or “West End Park” in searches.

Down Payment Assistance Programs

Invest Atlanta offers various programs to assist you in buying a home in Westview! This includes grants and down payment assistance. Maximum income limits are 140% of the area median income. Learn More.

1377 Lucile Avenue1377 Lucile Avenue
MLS#: 6119128
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1519 Stokes Avenue1519 Stokes Avenue
MLS#: 6063093
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1557 Olympian Circle1557 Olympian Circle
MLS#: 8445091
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468 West Ontario Avenue468 West Ontario Avenue
MLS#: 8452092
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1482 Stokes Avenue1482 Stokes Avenue
MLS#: 6109795
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336 Altoona Place336 Altoona Place
MLS#: 6107523
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1607 South Gordon Street1607 South Gordon Street
MLS#: 6060753
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1604 Stokes Avenue1604 Stokes Avenue
MLS#: 6034752
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475 Willard Avenue475 Willard Avenue
MLS#: 6100892
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1760 North Olympian Way1760 North Olympian Way
MLS#: 6067205
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1636 Alvarado Terrace1636 Alvarado Terrace
MLS#: 6051806
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1549 Olympian Circle1549 Olympian Circle
MLS#: 8437228
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Learning More

It helps to visit a community when you are considering moving to that neighborhood. Residents of Westview are available to take you on a tour of the neighborhood. Tours can be walking or driving and will give you a brief history of the neighborhood, talk about the pros and cons of living here and help you learn about Westview as a place to live, work and play. To schedule a tour please contact Scott Smith.

Need An Agent? recommends real estate agents Nia Knowles (Area West Realty) and Sherry Bailey (Keller Williams Realty). Both live in Westview and are very active in the neighborhood. To contact Nia go to, and to contact Sherry go to Both agents will be able to give you a unique local perspective you won’t find elsewhere!